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families apart and shown clearly the base actions of those who have no concern for life and have not been brought to justice. for too long the drc has been ravaged by instability and war. for two decades eastern congo has been under siege by armed groups. yesterday was the national congress for the defense of the people, today it is m23. what will it be tomorrow? will we stand by and allow a fragile peace to be held together by empty promises? the murders and rapes must be brought to an end. what is troubling about this recent conflict is the dock united involvement by the neighboring governments in the drc easter tore y'all integrity. while the governments vehemently deny such involvements, a growing body of evidence raises questions that suggest otherwise. i close these remarks where i began, urging that all efforts be put towards laying the foundation for lasting peace not only in the drc, but also in the region. i ask that a letter being sent to president obama be submitted for the record calling for the establishment of a special u.s. envoy and african union envoy. the purposes of th
states to military action. but at the same time, there was no doubt, based on his ranking and chairmanship of the subcommittee and defense and appropriations over period of years, he was a person who always hit bottom, could be counted on to insure that this nation was well defended. that we did not make mistakes. and he and senator ted stevens had a unique relationship. when something really developed that was important for the defense department, it involved a danger to our government or could do damage to the department or they needed something really seriously needed it, often times in this government we can't respond and if we don't respond effectively, they would go to daniel inouye and ted stevens and it would be fixed because they understood that peace through strength was the best way to avoid war and they felt there was great responsibility to insure that the defense department was not damaged on their watch. their experience and judgment was such that they could tell the difference between wind and complaints and real danger to american defense capability. i wou
, but, you know, we're going to judge you not by your title, but by your actions. and to be more specific, as grateful as we were two weeks ago that you, um, mr. president morsi, helped us end the conflict in gaza, um, if the next day or two days after you suspend the right of judicial review, etc., etc., we're not going to be able to have normal relations with you. and probably if i was in the white house, i'd say, mr. president morsi, no matter what we in the white house wanted to do, those lunatics on capitol hill -- [laughter] force us not to have normal relations with you. >> it's always good to have lunatics on capitol hill. and no danger that will change. [laughter] >> i see no danger of that with joe's departure and mine. [laughter] i, i'll see if joe agrees with this. so would you put us in the realism branch of the nathan sharansky school of -- >> how can i say no? [laughter] >> we have to be on the side of the dissidents but don't have to be stupid about it. life is full of compromises, marriage is full of compromises, families, government, and it would be very odd, in
provide help through government and other institutions. but that is an action to ameliorate the effects of a condition, not to change the underlying condition. i believe we must do all we can to revive the marriage culture, increase family stability, and ensure that more children grow up in a two-parent household, strong families have always been the key to upward mobility and economic security. if we want to remain an aspirational society, a society where children have the opportunities and the resources to pursue their dreams and create a better life, then we must encourage young americans to embrace what ron has consistence and elizabeth sawhill have called the "success sequence." that is very simple: you complete high school, get a full-time job, get married before having kids. you follow that you are virtually guaranteed to avoid poverty. the marriage culture is fighting an uphill battle against forces threatening to overwhelm it. everyone who believes in limited government and economic freedom and the real self-worth and well-being of our children should do their part in rebuildin
of the constitution. this momentous document describes how the constitution was ratified and put into action. you'll be able to see it starting on friday, september 14 and it will remain until constitution day on december 17. on the morning of constitution day, the highlight event of our celebration takes place. and naturalization ceremony for 225 new citizens to the united states. while the national archives has hosted this for decades it never ceases to the support and to defend the constitution for the actual document. link urge you to return over the next several days for more discussions on the special event of the constitution's birthday. on monday september 17 at -- from noon until 2:00 we do a happy birthday to the u.s. constitution and the theater and a special program in celebration of the signing of the constitution in the first 225 guests will join the founding fathers for cake after their performance in the allen theater. on wednesday ,-com,-com ma september 19, at 7:00 p.m., the constitution and the war of 1812 again here in the theater. this is the 2012 claude moore lecture, journa
further action. >> with more men in work than ever before, with more women in work than ever before, with the deficit cut by 25% and interest rates at historic lows, does my right honorable friend not agree with me that the opposition plan b for more debt would jeopardize all those achievements? [cheers and applause] >> my honorable friend is entirely right. we are making progress. of course it is tough when there are so many economic headwinds against us, but a million more private sector jobs, a record number of businesses starting up last year, we're on the quite clear, plan b stands for bankruptcy, that's what labour would give us. >> last but not least,up -- ann pruitt. >> a universal health care is what the overwhelming majority of parish people want, something which i remain firmly committed to. however, there are claims about nurses who fail to show care and compassion to their patients. what exactly will the prime minister do about that? >> the honorable lady speaks for the whole house and the whole country in raising this issue, and i know how pain. it must have been -- pa
with an immediately actionable blue print to guide our actions, and we're going the complete this process with an exhaustic public -- exhaustive public engagement. we've seen what can happen how amtrak's service came gradually to dominate the air/rail market in the region, but we know the demand is -- there's demand out there currently that is up met, and that demand will continue to rise. and ultimately, we can't meet that demand without a sustains commitment from the federal government -- sustained commitment from the federal government. today it's up to us to rise to that challenge just as we have so many times in the past. and we've been recently reminded of this after hurricane sandy which caused unprecedented damage to the northeast corridor. after around the clock efforts to dewater the tunnels, we saw a crystal clear picture of just how essential the northeast corridor is to both the economy of the region and our way of life. it makes you think. what if alexander cat sat, the president of the pennsylvania railroad, had listened to his critics back in 1900 and had given up digging
is an issue that will not go away most decisive action is taken. time and time again young people in my constituency telling me public transport. maybe because it doesn't go far enough or perhaps they are expected to pay a full adult fare until they're 18. i young people in the area seemed to me they feel the effects of legislation and i've also got young people who say they traveling by public public transfer completely unacceptable. this has to stop, mr. speaker. i'm pleased that the president has been able to achieve this year on a national basis the committee has been a shining example of what can happen when young people get together and work on a particular issue. i'm grateful to the department of education transfer for showing support for the process is less transport providers and charities who have also shown their support. mr. speaker, transport is one of those problems we can work on a local as well as national basis. i'm a local level and cease to work with the council as well as local transport providers to create a new use for it, which i hope will increase dialogue betwee
of issues involved with that. but specifically, what are some of the course of action, if you will, for force structure and mission sets in afghanistan after the combat mission with nato and isaf ends in 2014. and by strange coincidence, our secretary this morning, secretary panetta, put out some, i think three tiers of missions for afghanistan. some of those are from the nato conferences in chicago in may. primarily talked about counterterrorism and our training mission. the two things, i guess, changed to. those are security force assistance missions. right now we're focusing on securing the population. that's going to shift. it's shifting now, this transition to security. to a military, primal component of going after bad guys, put it that way, and making sure the security forces has the enablers and capabilities. that's the third tier that secretary panetta, if i'm not mistaken, mentioned this morning. and as general huggins mentioned, that's the one thing they're concerned about, the afghan security forces, is the medevac and air and intelligence recon seance -- reconnaissance
as you pointed out that if to be any sort of tightening of the sanction, military action in the region, one of the first countries to be attacked by iran, it's a long border. it's very poorest. going back and forth. they are trying costly to give terrorist events and we must increase our security cooperation with azerbaijan make sure that they don't pay the price for being the neighbor of iran. thank you. >> mr. chairman, it's indeed with sorrow that i hear about your stepping down. i testified several times and was always a great pleasure i was always very, very impressed by your knowledge and knowledge of other members, and i was sorry to hear you are retiring. the topic today is important in the. islamic republic of iran has emerged the major anti-status quo after in the middle east, threatening american sunni arab allies along the so called shia crescent from lebanon via syria and iraq to the persian gulf. iran's hatred of israel stretched to wipe the jewish state off from that provider reported. what is less known is the threats iran presents with destabilizing influence in south
in order to support legal action and we requested funding in 2013 for additional studies to do the work we need to do overtime. and the reviews that we have to undergo, the one we're looking at now is a 2010 review that started in 2009, they continue on an ongoing basis. time to get the one before us is done but we will move on to the next one and continue to look at diversity as a central objective of the commission. >> on this whole subject matter of me and consolidation, there should be an underlying principle that in a democracy there should be as many voices for the many as possible. this goes to the heart of democracy. this is not just something to fiddle around with. so i just wanted to put that out there. to the chairman, some have argued that the fcc proposal on the licenses represents an unlawful give away. how do you respond to that? >> as you set the statute, clearly gives the commission the authority, i would add one point to the one you made before which is that any economic value analysis of spectrum methods would have to look at hundreds of billions of economic value and re
organizer, the whole notion, the method for community organizing was to take action, our does not exist in a vacuum. youpower does not exist in a vacuum. you have to seize it. cameron was one of his bosses during that period, barack was a different story. he was looking for ways to not confront but achieved in other ways. that can be frustrating at times but help him get where he wanted to go. >> host: when he was there as a community organizer what was the president's life like? >> guest: he lived in hyde park which is a community near the university of chicago, the part of chicago that is the most anticipated part of the city first, a city that is notorious as the most segregated big city in the united states. that is what the kerner commission called in 1959. it was true to different degrees when obama got there. the pocket of integration, he is comfortable there. he would spend every day going to the south side which was 99% african-american, mostly poor, a vast sprawling rich area, ridge in terms of personnel, which he really felt that home for the first time in his life. he was em
and stewart taylor on their book about affirmative action in higher education. and at 11:50, jeffrey toobin on how the makeup of the court has changed in the last decade and how that's affected its rulings. >> the issue's not whether help is going to be stigmatized or morally condemned. he is for pro icily these same -- precisely these same false claims. the issue is how many times the court can punish him, and the answer in the double jeopardy clause is once. >> starting monday and throughout christmas week c-span radio is featuring supreme court oral arguments by current justices before they were on the bench.
action to invest in infrastructure and create an interstate system. the initial system took 35 years to build and after several additions highway system is a total length of 47,182 miles. the cost of construction has been estimated at $425 billion in today's dollars. so certainly we should move forward at this time. in urban mobility report by texas transportation institute found the cause of slow speed, what we currently have, on delays, and misconception continues to cost the united states over $100 billion annually. now is the time to make that investment for alternatives to congested highways and simultaneously create jobs. inner city passenger rail service call one of those alternatives, for delays on crawling speeds that face the nation's inner state today. northeast corridor and california high speed rail should be treated as the first step to developing the nation's high-speed rail network. i want to thank our witnesses and look forward to your testimony. i yield back. >> i don't -- if so, i would not be surprised about high-speed rail. >> it will be on the northeast corridor
if they failed to take the action they were about to do. the public reaction was harshly negative. the notion of the government of the united states bailing out a large private insurance company created controversy and criticism for almost every corner. ultimately, the rescue of that company cost $180 billion. a staggering sum. but you know what? we've just learned this week that the taxpayers will make money on the deal. yes, it cost us $180 billion. but the taxpayers are going to make $22 billion on the transaction. and if we hadn't done it, we would have risked going into a depression. so when people say there's no role for government or it should just be a limited, shrunken role, really? would we have wanted to stand by and risk this country going into another great depression? let's recall what that was like. more than 20% of the people in this country out of work. i know my open grandfather -- own grandfather who refused to take bankruptcy owned stock in the local bank. in those days you had unlimited liability. if you owned stock in a bank. so when there was a run on the bank, as there
the country as they are looking for frankly someone to say we care about your kids. we were taking action. we recognize challenges and were doing something about it. so virtually there's two sides as best as i can tell. there's a sports site in the football side and of course the science side. i will let the medical experts talk about the science side. certainly zÜrich and others have been working closely for some time. u.s.a. football have 3 million kids to play tackle football. roughly two-point play flag. it is a great outfit, a great option. in fact we suggest the experience should be flag no matter what age. in addition, we work with pop warner to make them better and safer. if that includes things that really nationally accredited program, using practice plans. most coaches doug is practice plans come as you make sure you have an organized structure prior to his to make sure we have volunteers to come the commissioners, coaches out there putting their time. we need to educate them. certainly every medical expert, every expert on this issue comes back to education being the most critica
for having consensual that. they saved affirmative-action in the famous case from michigan law school. case after case reject the bush administration position on guantÁnamo bay and treatment of the detainees there. so why did the court of last? well, the court move left because sandra day o'connor grew more and more alienated from the modern republican party. she didn't like john ashcroft. she did not warrant here has been connect it. she didn't like the way the war in iraq was being conducted and above all, she was alienated by something that doesn't get talked about a lot now, but the one very large in the history of our country. not just the supreme court. and this terry schiavo case. the terry schiavo case had a big impact on justice o'connor summoned the police and judicial independence, the summit dealing, although many people didn't know at the time come with dissent ever has been alzheimer's disease. the idea of medical decision-making for a critically alpert was not just an abstraction for justice o'connor. in 2005 she left the court to take care of her husband and she was replace
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